Security Guard Job Description

Security Guard Job Description

Security guard Job Description

Security guards play a very vital role in safeguarding the security of an area, assets, or people. Before one becomes or gets hired as a security guard, there are some requirements which should be attained for them to be one. The crucial function of a security guard is to sustain a safe and very secure surrounding for clients and employees through continued patrols and overseeing premises & staff.

Security Guard Job functions are as follows:

Safeguards premises and personnel through patrolling of property, overseeing surveillance instruments, checking; buildings, instruments and access channels, and also allowing entry.

Acquires assistance by sounding the respective alarms.

Avoids any kind of loss and harm through reporting irregularities; creating awareness to law offenders of policy and regulations; limiting trespassers.

Another great function for the security guard is to manage traffic by effectively directing drivers.

Fills out reports by noting down what they see, data, different events, and surveillance practices, interrogating observers and as well getting signatures.

They also preserve the environment by thoroughly tracking and setting building and instrument controls.

Security guards also ensure the correct operation of equipment through adhering to procedures that comply with the different manufacturer's commands; solving all the malfunctions; asking for renovations; & keenly assessing every new instrument and techniques.

The security guards are also required to play part in the team effort through carrying out of related tasks as requested by either a client or a team member.

To sum up, a security guard is a crucial member of the team in order to achieve both personal and the firms' success as a security guard will ensure a free and peaceful environment to work in. Therefore, this position should be given to a person who truly meets the required skills and qualifications. Such skills are as follows; proper judgement, control of different emotions, lifting, surveillance techniques, Integrity, handles uncertainty, safety control, should be objective, good reporting skills, reliability and highly professional.

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