Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Duties

A security guard profession is a great career where one has to possess a SIA license to be able to work as a security guard. There are several great roles that security guards play in our society today which indicates how very useful they are in terms of provision of security to individuals, properties and assets. Below are some of the key security guard duties today:

The security guards can be hired to patrol both industrial and commercial premises in order to secure and identify any signs of invasion and make sure that doors, windows and gates are fully protected.

They also respond to alarms and inquire any form of disruption taking place.

They thoroughly check and allow entry and departure of staffs, visitors and other individuals to protect from theft and preserve the security of the premises.

Take notes of daily occurrences and irregularities, like; equipment or property spoilage, theft, existence of unauthorised individuals, or any strange happenings.

To promptly contact the police forces or a fire department when an emergency takes place, for instance in the situation of fire or unauthorised individual.

Notify visitors, workers and patrons to maintain calmness and safeguard property.

Receive telephone calls to note messages, respond to questions, and also offer information at the time of non-business hours or when the switchboard is shut down.

Give a warning to people of rule violations or infringement, and arrest or force out those who violate the law from the premises, by use of power if need be.

Make use of detecting gadgets to screen people and avoid passage of disallowed items into the restricted places.

Accompany or drive motor vehicle to carry people to particular destinations and to give individual security.

They always check and change security systems, instruments, and machinery to ensure they function properly and to find out prove of meddling.

They drive and secure armoured vehicle to carry cash and other valuables to forbid theft and make sure there is safe arrival.

Oversee and change controls that usually regulate buildings systems, like furnace, boiler or air conditioning.

Security guard duties are not limited to those listed above and security guards should be very versatile and quick thinking.

With such great roles to play in our society, the security guard job is very crucial and every firm should have its own security guard to ensure a smooth running of the company in terms of security.

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