Security Guard Jobs

Security Guard Jobs

Security Guard Jobs

Who or what is a security Guard?

A security guard is an individual who patrols and thoroughly checks property against fire, vandalism, theft, banned activities, and terrorism. They properly oversee people and structures as a way of preventing crime from taking place.

What are the typical roles of a security guard?

Below are some of the duties of a security guard:

To secure and impose laws on an employers' premise.

Track down alarms and closed-circuit Television cameras.

Manage admission for workers, visitors and outside individuals.

Carry out security inspections around a certain region.

Note down all accounts stating what they saw during patrol.

Thoroughly interrogate observers for future court evidence.

Hold up different criminal offenders.

The security guards are required to remain alert at all times monitoring anything out of the normal throughout their shift. When an emergence takes place, the security guards are required to request for support from the police, fire, or even ambulance services. In other situations, the security guards may actually be armed.

The work obligations of a security guard drastically changes from one employer to the other such as:

Those working in retail stores; provide security to people, records, money, goods, and instruments. Sometimes they work hand-in-hand with undercover store detectives to protect theft resulting from clients or employees, confine shoplifting suspects until the arrival of the police, or also patrol parking areas.

In places such as banks, office structures, hospitals and hotels, the guards keep order and secure the firm's clienteles, employees, and property.

When it comes to museums or even art galleries, the security guards secure paintings and other exhibits by overseeing people and checking packages coming in and going out of the building.

For government structures, factories and military grounds, they secure data and products and also inspect the details of people and cars coming in and going out of the premises.

In colleges, sports stadiums and parks, the security guards carry out crowd management, organize parking & seating, and control traffic.

When it comes to nightclubs and bars, the guards prevent under-age individuals from entering, gather cover costs at the door, and keep calmness amidst clients.

While the guards who work as transportation security guards safeguard people, transportation instrument, and freight at either airports or train stops, and also other transportation facilities.

What does a security Guard work area look like?

Security guards operate in totally different areas as follows: retails stores, public structures, and office buildings. The security guards that function as transportation protection screeners operate in air, rail terminals, and sea, among other transportation facilities, and are hired by the federal government. For the gaming surveillance officers, they conduct most of their duty in casino monitoring rooms, by applying both audio and video instruments.

Several security guards consume a big part of their time moving up and down, as they might be directed to a particular duty or to patrol buildings and certain areas. Other security guards may work for very long hours at the back of the counter or in a guard house at the entrance to a gated home or community. On the other hand, some guards offer surveillance around the clock by working shifts of eight hours or sometimes more with revolving timetable.

The security guards that work during day shift are in constant contact with other workers and the public. Despite the job to be a routine, it can as well be dangerous, more so when a fracas happens. Our security guards are professional, reliable, friendly and correctly trained so as to reduce any potential problems.

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