How To Become A Security Guard

How To Become A Security Guard

You can work for a variety of companies as a security officer. Your responsibilities may depend on the industry you work in, but they may include:

  • overseeing a major organization's front door
  • Airport security, which entails searching planes, passengers, and luggage, as well as securing the airport's perimeter
  • securing cash or other valuables while traveling between places in a security vehicle (in transit)
  • patrolling, safeguarding, and monitoring premises, with the use of closed-circuit television in some cases (CCTV)

What Does It Take To Become A Security Officer?

To be a security guard, you typically won't need academic credentials, but a basic education will benefit you. Having experience in the armed forces or police could also be beneficial. Employers will conduct background checks on you and your employment history going back ten years, and you should state any criminal convictions.

You'll need a SIA license if you work for an agency that provides contract security services. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Pass background checks for identity and criminal records
  • Complete all SIA training that has been approved

Before applying for work, at a college or training centre, you can complete a course approved by the SIA.

Knowledge And Skills

You will require:

  • familiarity with public safety and security
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity
  • the ability to collaborate effectively with others
  • to be meticulous and detail-oriented
  • problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities in the face of adversity
  • the ability to focus in order to stay attentive and aware of your environment
  • customer service skills for customers who are difficult to please firmly but pleasantly
  • outstanding verbal communication abilities for dealing with others
  • must be able to use a computer or a hand-held device to do basic activities

Career Path And Progression

With time and experience, you could advance to supervisor, senior security officer, or chief security officer. You could go into security management or training with additional certifications such as a Level 3 Security first line manager. You might want to start your own security firm.

Day-To-Day Duties

Your duties vary on your location of work. You can:

  • patrol the premises and ensure that all doors, windows, and other entrances are secure
  • respond to alarms
  • monitor CCTV cameras
  • check visitors and staff entering and exiting buildings
  • protect cash or other valuable items in a security vehicle
  • operate scanning equipment and devices, similar to airports
  • search luggage
  • guard the boundaries of important facilities, such as airports or power stations

Work Atmosphere

You might work from a vehicle or at a store. Your work environment could be physically demanding and require you to work outside in all types of weather. You might require to wear a uniform.

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