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Security Guard UK is widely considered as an efficient supplier of security services across the UK. If your aim is to hire security guards, we have the necessary professionals and experience needed to assist customers in a great service.

After serving the security industry for several years, Security Guard UK have shown that we are among the least costly and at the same time very professional security firms that provide Security Guards throughout the UK. The various security services that we provide have become more advanced and very flexible so that they are able to meet the particular needs of our highly esteemed customers. Every security service is bespoke, resulting from;

Customers needs and organised duties

Our great knowledge in planning such events

The expertise and vast experience of our security workers

Top security services

What you have to do is provide us with a list containing details of your needs when you hire security guards and we will be able to propose to you the best possible solution. After we have acquired all the data, a proper suggestion will be presented alongside a quotation. The great staff that we have possess many years' experience in security organisation and area risk assessment and have successfully supported many businesses and people in securing life, assets and property.

Immediately a consultation takes place, if required we pay a visit to the physical area of your site and properly verify any possible security risks. Our keen security guards are detail tailored and ensure that nothing is taken for granted. A very open eye to detail is what sets us apart from most of our stiff rivals. If it's necessary, we set up more surveillance and tracking instruments. In most cases, we constantly use the opportunity of the availability of technology by incorporating it into our security programs.

Another way of acquiring our services is by offering the security plan to you or to the person in command. We ensure that everything is covered and that you are in acceptance with our suggestions and also with our entire security program. We also work in line with the plan if for any reason a few parts of the event were changed. In case a last minute modification takes place, our dedicated experts are well coached to come up with quick and precise solutions which will have you and your site fully protected.

All of our security guards to hire are:

Selected after a stringent rating procedure

Licensed with SIA

Have a great background in the security field

Regularly coached and in good physical and mental situations

In addition, our security services are very affordable. This is because we provide some of the best rates in the industry, whilst completely not bargaining on the overall quality of our exceptional services, and not exclusively the event security services.

Hire an event security guard

Besides the great services we provide, we also have event protection and safety stewards. Our stewards are well trained and experienced to handle any kind of event that you prefer. Annually, our stewards participate in several events from which they have gained a great deal of experience. Through the great performance that our stewards have showcased over the years, this gives us courage to commit to our loyal customers that they will get near perfection.

Here is what you can expect from our Event Steward:

The event stewards that we have understand the particular demands for every single event and what can be expected from them in that specific occasion.

The stewards are directed by an expert who has many years of experience in this field. Despite us having a very clear delegation of duties, the stewards are allowed to come up with their own conclusions in situations that demand so.

Every steward is coached on how to operate both as an individual and as a team which varies in accordance with the event at hand and they adjust accordingly.

They are also well versed and coached on how to apply the technology utilised for protecting and overseeing various events.

All of the stewards that we have are fully licensed.

They are also trained on how to give first aid

Every steward is educated about all security procedures and how to respond when an emergency takes place like fire or some other hazard.

Last but not least, the stewards that we have acknowledge what is beyond them and what is totally prohibited for them too. Up to this moment, none of our stewards has broke our regulations or behaved in such a way that has diminished our integrity.

Below is how we conduct our activities in regard to our overall services:

We work 24/7 the entire year

You can book us instantly and we can send our stewards just a few hours after your first contact

We can cover all types of events be it small or big

Our rates are very favourable

We hugely utilise the available technology

We are able to immediately contact and station event stewards if a situation demands that.

Make your arrangements today and hire friendly, professional and thorough security guards. Call 0800 246 5902 to get your security plan started.

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