How To Become A Security Guard

Can Security Guards Search Your Bags UK

If a person is present and does not give consent, the security officers do not have the authority to forcefully search a person's property. On the other hand, they have the legal authority to search property that has been left unattended in questionable circumstances. They can also search an unconscious person's property if they are attempting to identify the unconscious individual and it is in the best interests of that person's welfare.

Power To Arrest

Security guards do not have any more legal rights than any other member of the public; they are just hired by a company to assist protect it from theft. Under certain circumstances, security guards, like any other member of the public, can make a citizen's arrest.

You can make an arrest for most indictable offenses (including either way offenses) under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 if:

  • someone is committing an offence, or you have reasonable grounds to believe they are committing an offence; and
  • An offense has been committed, and the person you wish to arrest is either guilty of it or you have reasonable reasons to believe they are

The only way an arrest can be legal is if:

  • the person making the arrest thinks that it is not practically appropriate for a constable to make the arrest, and
  • the arrestor believes on certain grounds that the arrest is important to stop the person (i.e. inflicting damage on a property, inflicting harm on self or others, going through physical injury, running away before the police can take hold of them)

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