How To Become A Security Guard

Can Security Guards Detain You

In crowded commercial spaces, event arenas, and other public places, security officers keep the calm. Businesses are dependent over a security team to deter criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, and assault, while tourists rely on security personnel to keep them safe. When it comes to event planning and maintaining the regular operations of busy locations, security guarding remains a top priority.

Understanding the purpose of security guards and the advantages of hiring a team for your business or event is not difficult. It's common sense to make sure that your clients and guests may have fun without risk of being hurt, and that you limit the financial damages that may result from theft.

Can Make An Arrest Of A Citizen

Under certain circumstances, security guards can make a citizen's arrest, but they have no more authority than the general public in this regard. Any member of the public has the right to make an arrest if someone is committing an offence or a crime has been committed, and you have reasonable grounds for suspecting them of being guilty.

Security guards, on the other hand, are better trained in the physical moves of making an arrest since they are in a position where they are more likely to need to utilize that power. Only police officials have the authority to carry out a physical arrest.

Excessive Force Is Not Permissible

Security guards, concierge security, and mobile patrols are also prohibited from using excessive force when effecting a citizen's arrest. Guards should only use physical force if the suspect resists, and they should not use any more force than is necessary to restrain someone who's arrested. Restraint should only be used until the police arrive and can take control of the situation, escalating it if required. Excessive use of force might indicate that the citizen's arrest was not legal, tarnishing the security guard's and company's reputations.

A Physical Search Can Be Requested

For you to access a place, security guards have every right to request a physical search of your carried property and person. They can also demand a physical inspection when you enter or leave a store for any reason, but especially if they suspect you of stealing something. This is perfectly legal. If you refuse to accept a search, security personnel may refuse to let you into a venue or hold you with reasonable force if they suspect you of committing a crime.

Unable To Carry A Weapon

Security guards are not authorized to carry guns because they have no more legal authority than the general people. Security guards cannot have pepper spray, batons, or a gun with themselves as a deterrent, and they surely cannot use them.

Front-of-house security personnel are more likely to utilize conflict resolution techniques rather than physical force. Handcuffs are allowed to be used to make a citizen's arrest, and guards will be taught on how to use them effectively and without injuring anyone, but they can technically be carried by anyone.

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